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Genuine Pearl Powder
Genuine Pearl Powder
Natural pearl powder caring your beautiful skin.

1)100% purely pearl powder adopted from hi-tech formula;

2)Care your beautiful care in an intelligent way;

3)Package:250G/PC 80pcs/Carton;

4).A>Internal application:

Each time for 0.6G of pearl powder with warm water;

Application Time: after-meal and before-sleep;

Times: twice for one day;

Little volume for children subject to Doctor.

B>External application(4 ways):

1.Facial mask: mix fresh milk(or egg white, bee, water, etc) with
pearl powder into foamy, put the mixture on face for 30 minutes, and
then rinse. One week for twice.

2.Clean your face at night, put a proper amount of pearl powder by
powder puff on face and leave-in until next morning.

3.Apply a proper amount of pearl powder and cleansing milk for cleansing face, and whitening and anti-wrinkle can be gained
Seaweed Facial Mask
Seaweed Facial Mask
Facial mask powder:
1.Feature:Seaweed collagen element granulate.
2.Function:whiten,dispell spot,anti-acne,moisturizing.

Protein collagen fiber,multivitamin minerals,moisturizing factor etc

Seaweed collagen meat tropical togethere from Thailand. Through research, is the cosmetology best products, contain protein collagen fiber, a variety of vitamins, minerals and moisturizing factor has whitening effect, fade melanin, to dark sore significant therapeutic effect, can balance skin moisture, promote the cell vitality, effectively remove wrinkles and reply elasticity. The skin reproduce beautiful luster. (any skin are applicable)

Using steps:
1,after cleansing take 15 grams collagen meat into container, with about 60 degree water harmonic (e.g. can join fresh fruit juice, milk, egg white or honey, vinegar, essential oil better effect)

2, fully mixing into paste, wait for temperature is appropriate, thin mask to the face

3, maintain 20-30 minutes, remove rinse off

4, suggest use a 1-3 times per week, use 3 times received the best effect.
Tibet Fibroin solution facial mask
Tibet Fibroin solution facial mask
Tibet Fibroin solution facial mask
Silk facial mask for excellent care your face