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Aerobia® Liquid Oxygen Drink

Aerobia® is our new and exciting liquid oxygen drink. This product is designed to improve your body at the cellular level, giving you a natural energy boost. Whether you are serious athlete or a just a weekend warrior looking for a suitable addition to your diet, this is the product you may be looking for. Aerobia® is comprised of vitamin B12, aloe vera juice, and CoQ10 combined in an anaerocidal oxygen mixture to deliver it quickly to your system. When you examine some of its main ingredients, you will begin to see how great this product is! Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin that assists with normal brain functions and the nervous system. As a one of the B vitamins, it is also involved in the metabolism of every cell of the body. Primarily, this vitamin effects DNA synthesis, and energy production at the cellular level. Vitamin B12 also regenerates folic levels in the body, leading to greater efficiency and restored energy. Aloe vera juice has seemingly endless benefits. It is widely used as a topical remedy for skin discoloration or rashes. Regular use of aloe vera juice can boost your immune system and keep you in good general health. It is also a detoxifying agent with several antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral agents, which can help to purify the blood. Aloe vera juice can alleviate several gastro-intestinal problems like ulcers, and irregularity. Aerobia® also contains CoQ10 (pronounced Coenzyme-cue-ten) which is a compound that is found naturally in the body. This enzyme is a protein that speeds up the rate at which natural chemical reactions transpire in the body. It is used by cells in the body to produce energy needed for cellular growth and maintenance. CoQ10 is also a natural antioxidant. Antioxidants protect cells from chemicals in the body call free radicals, which damage important parts of the cells including DNA. As you can see Aerobia® has the potential to improve your overall health. So instead of labeling it as just another “energy drink”, Aerobia® will improve your performance and inspire greater results.

EliXir Blast® Complete Nutritional Drink

Elixir Blast® is a fantastic source of 146 healthy nutrients designed to improve your daily performance. It is comprised mainly of vitamins, minerals, natural herbs, and amino acids taken from several exotic fruits and is more complete than many vitamin/mineral supplements. These fruits are known to have numerous other healthy nutrients, like Mangosteen, Noni, Goji Berry, Acai Berry, Pomegranate, Elderberry, Cranberry and many more, but for the purposes of this overview we have focused on four of the main active ingredients: CoQ10, Omega’s 3, 6, 9, Lutein and Lycopene. They each benefit the body in dynamic ways. CoQ10 or as it is pronounced “Coenzyme-cue-ten” is a natural compound found in the body. It is an enzyme that is needed for the proper functioning of a cell’s natural chemical reactions that take place in the body. This enzyme is used by cells to produce energy needed for cellular growth and maintenance. CoQ10 is also a natural antioxidant; a substance that protects cells from chemicals called free radicals. Free radicals are highly reactive chemicals that can damage important parts of human cells, including deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. Free radical damage is thought to play a role in the development of cancer. Studies have suggested that CoQ10 stimulates the immune system and increases resistance to disease Omega’s 3, 6, and 9 are essential fatty acids that play an important role in brain function and may aid in the prevention of cardio vascular disease. More specifically, The American Heart Association recommends a diet that is high in omega 3 fatty acids in an effort to increase its benefits. Omega 3 has been shown to lower asthma and osteoporosis symptoms, lower cholesterol and blood pressure and improve digestion. It is found naturally in foods like pumpkin seeds, canola oil, green leafy vegetables, flax-seed oil and fatty fish like salmon and tuna. Omega 6 fatty acid or Linoleic acid has most of the same properties as omega 3s. The best sources are found in seeds, nuts, grains, legumes and certain raw vegetable oils. Omega 9 fatty acids play an active role in preventing heart disease by lowering bad cholesterol levels. It can reduce the hardening of arteries and improves immune function. This fatty acid is found in foods like avocados, pecans, olives, almonds, and cashews. Lutein is a natural part of your diet if you consume fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. It lowers the risk of macular degeneration and cataract formation in the eyes. It is found in eggs, kale, spinach and broccoli to name a few. Lycopene is a pigment found in most fruits and vegetables that are red in color. It is a natural antioxidant, which can prevent the formation of free radicals in the body. The Lycopene-rich exotic fruits found in Elixir Blast® may be a delicious way to prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis. Elixir Blast® is a powerful nutritional blend that can help improve your overall health immediately. Anyone of any age can experience positive results using this product.

Neutra-Cleanse® Digestive Support Capsule

Neutra-cleanse® is a fantastic product that helps to remove harmful toxins from your gastrointestinal tract thus boosting your energy levels. It comes in an easy to swallow capsule that is a potent mixture of nutrients designed to aid your body in the colon cleansing process. There are 8 natural ingredients that in combination with each other will deliver outstanding results. These ingredients are psyllium seed husks, senna leaf, cascara sagrada, oat bran powder, citrus pectin, goldenseal, prune concentrate, and acidolphilus blend. Psyllium seed husks are portions of the seeds in the Plantago plant. They are water-soluble and are a good source of dietary fiber, which promotes regularity. Senna leaf powder serves as a natural laxative that can produce a bowel movement within 3-10 hours. It works to help the digestive system to function properly. Cascara Sagrada is the dried bark of the Rhamnus Purshiana tree and has been regarded for centuries and one of the safest and most reliable natural laxatives. This unique ingredient actually stimulates the smooth muscle in the walls of the large intestine, which improves bowel activity. Oat bran powder is a water-soluble dietary fiber found in breads, muffins and cereals. Citrus pectin is also a water-soluble fiber that is found in most plants but is in greater concentrations in citrus fruits and apples. It is obtained from citrus peels and apple pulp. Pectin is a great nutritional supplement for the management of elevated cholesterol levels. Goldenseal is a multi-purpose perennial herb, which aids in digestion. It is often paired with other ingredients to improve their effectiveness. Prune concentrate much like prune juice is a good source of iron and potassium. It does not cause spikes in blood sugar levels and is capable of curbing the growth of certain pathogens. Acidophilus blend is a group of probiotic bacteria that supports your colon and aids in digestion. It naturally replenishes the “friendly” bacteria in your intestinal tract. If you are looking for a gentle, all-natural colon cleansing product, our Neutra-cleanse® capsule may be just what you’re looking for, Good health starts with a clean Colon.

Optimum-Weight Loss® Capsule

There are several dietary supplements that claim to help you lose weight. However, most of them have several ingredients that don’t work or they contain elements that provide a short-lived energy boost. JTL’s Optimum-Weight Loss® is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that work to gently curb your appetite. When taken in conjunction with a sensible diet, it could be the difference on the road to successful weight loss. Each capsule contains a mixture of three main ingredients: Caralluma Fimbrata, Guarana, and Green Leaf powder. Caralluma Fimbrata is extracted from a plant that is indigenous to India. It has been used for centuries and is well documented for its ability to reduce appetite. Caralluma Fimbrata is very gentle on the inner walls of your stomach, making it easy to digest and absorb in the body. This ingredient is the next wave of appetite suppressants on the market. Guarana Extract is an herbal stimulant that contains a molecular form of caffeine called guaranine. Guaranine is 2.5 stronger than coffee, tea and most soft drinks. Guarana is has a fatty molecular composition which makes it non-water soluble. This means that it is released slowly into the system, making its effect more evenly distributed. You will not experience a sudden crash in energy when it is ingested. Rather, it continues to escalate over long periods of time. As a result, Guarana accelerates the effective synthesis of fat in the body. It has been shown to mitigate the migration of lipids in the body turning fat into energy. Guarana is thermogenic, meaning that through the release of heat energy, it can increase the body’s metabolic rate. A high metabolism means more fat loss. It is also a strong appetite suppressant as well. The Optimum-Weight Loss® also contains Green Tea Leaf power, which was discovered centuries ago in Ancient China. Green Tea has been used to treat aches and pains, headaches and minor gastrointestinal disorders. It is also used in detoxification, and as an immune enhancer. We are convinced that the Optimum-Weight Loss® work effectively and help you meet all your dietary and physical goals.

Fulvia® Anti-Aging Capsule

Fulvia® was an aristocratic Roman woman who was one of the most powerful of her era. An energetic and tireless leader, she was a symbol of strength, character and stability. She fought valiantly in the Persuine War. Fulvia® gives your body nutrients that are never found in a grocery store and rarely found even in your health food store. Without these nutrients it is impossible for the body to perform at its highest levels and any loss of the 74 trace minerals found in Fulvia is the cause of every known disease. Fulvia® (Fulvic Acid) is a natural extract from ancient plant deposits formed over 75 million years during the upper cretaceous (chalk or rock system) period. It consists of an immense array of naturally occurring elements including biochemicals, antioxidants, amino acids and enzymes. This powerful clay like substance can regenerate and prolong the residence time of essential nutrients in cells. This means it allows cells to absorb nutrients more efficiently and freely. Fulvia® can detoxify the body by eliminating toxins and other trace elements. It acts as a protective agent, which works to stabilize the system and improve the absorptive properties of cells in the body. Whenever minerals or nutrients come into contact with Fulvia® in a liquid medium, they are naturally dissolved into an ionic form, which allows the body to utilize them quickly and effectively. As the most powerful natural electrolyte known, Fulvia® restores electrical balance to damaged cells, neutralizes toxins and improves overall strength and wellbeing in the body. Once taken on a regular basis, many people have reported that they have experienced higher energy levels, greater concentration, improved general fitness, improved eyesight, mental alertness, sleep, better digestion, bowel movements, younger looking skin, natural color returning to the hair, shrinking of prostate gland, easier urination, more libido, normalization of blood pressure and blood sugar just to name a few. Also known as “The Destroyer Of Weakness”, if you are feeling pain or fatigued, this could be attributed to high toxin levels in your body. Fulvia® will assist your body with cleansing the liver and flushing toxins and acidic wastes out of the cells, organs and tissues of the body. Fulvia® separates blood cells that are jammed together, which improves circulation and the distribution of nutrients and oxygen back into your cells. Fulvia® also rehydrates the cells causing the skin to return to its normal youthful condition. Fulvia® also helps repair DNA, turning back the clock on the aging process. Not only will you look younger, but you will also start feeling refreshed and more energized and have more endurance during the day while working or working out physically. Fulvia® is 100% all natural and is a very safe product to ingest. It is recommended however that you take it with meals and start with only 1-2 capsules daily in the beginning because it will start pulling toxins out of the body that could cause you to feel ill. Also be sure to drink plenty of pure water to help eliminate the toxins that are being brought back into solution. The benefits of Fulvia® are undeniable and can help you take control of your health, energy and youthfulness once again.

Lissome® Anti-Aging Skin Serum

Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself, where did those lines, wrinkles or blemishes come from? Whether you are making a presentation, meeting a new person or interviewing for a new job, the way your skin appears can impact various outcomes. As we age, our skin loses its elasticity making it appear wrinkled and blemished. In order to reverse the effects of aging, the skin must find a way to repair the tissue that causes wrinkling. Lissome® Anti-Aging Skin Serum was formulated to help reduce the appearance of fines lines and deep wrinkles. It is a fantastic product that can help to correct these problems. Skin cells need to communicate with each other constantly and consistently to maintain their support structure. It is this support that allows the skin to maintain its integrity and youthfulness. Growth factors such as cellular messengers are essential to maintaining this support structure. Aging contributes to the breakdown of these growth factors, leading to visible signs of aging. Lissome® Anti-Aging Skin Serum is comprised of peptides and neuropeptides also free of parabens; these small but powerful protein-like molecules that your skin cells use to communicate with each other. They are neuronal signaling molecules that can influence activity. They thrive on the surface of your skin and modulate neuronal communication by interacting with the skin’s surface receptors. When applied to the skin, both ingredients essentially repair damaged skin cells. In effect, both peptides and neuropeptides will help to counteract the natural effects of aging, making your skin appear smoother. The elasticity and flexibility of the skin returns, which reinvigorates skin cells. Women and men have reported firmer appearance of skin after using this product. Within weeks, your skin will regain lost volume, your neck and cheeks will appear to be remarkably lifted and your jaw line will look more defined. You skin angles will improve proportionally and the youthful contours will return, leaving you looking better than ever! Our patented blend of peptides and wrinkle reducing neuropeptides improves skin quality, reduces wrinkles, rejuvenates and helps to repair damaged skin. With regular use, you will see a change in your skin within 60 – 90 days. Lissome® Anti-Aging Skin Serum will increase the flexibility and elasticity in skin leaving you looking and feeling years younger.


Easily our most popular product is the Affinity® Capsule. It is a super gel capsule that contains 32 potent herbs and minerals that have been specially formulated to balance your entire body. It provides the missing nutrition that causes sexual dysfunction. This is your “super food” in a capsule, The main ingredient is Spirulina, which is believed to be the first plant form of life on earth. It is a complete protein with all the essential amino acids included to achieve your best health and wellbeing. The Affinity® Capsule can improve energy and increase stamina. While strengthening your immune system it also supports cardiovascular health, normalizes the hormones, decreases anxiety and depression. It diminishes the negative effects of obesity, diabetes, asthma, sexual inadequacies, fibromyalgia, crohn’s disease, cancer, thyroid dysfunction, chronic fatigue, anemia and osteoporosis. This product has so many benefits to offer, it increases the oxygen levels in the blood, vitality, energy, metabolism, libido, and mental alertness. In today’s society, Improving ones sex drive, stamina, blood circulation, mental clarity, memory, digestion and nutrient absorption, liver function, urine flow, bowel movements and sports performance means a lot to most. Lastly, Affinity® Reduces acne, boils, pimples, signs of aging, wrinkling of skin, free radicals, stress, fevers, inflammation, risk of tumors, heart attack, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and LDL cholesterol. When you take Affinity® your mood is uplifted and it gives you happy feeling of well-being.

Joy Bright® Whitening System

Joy Bright® Whitening System Dentists don’t use whitening strips – why should you? Teeth whitening is actually a bleaching process that lightens discoloration of the tooth enamel. There are many causes of tooth staining, including diet, coffee, food coloring and lifestyle habits, aging, certain medications, etc. In most cases, tooth discoloration can be reversed with non-invasive whitening process using a peroxide-base whitening solution. Numerous studies have shown that both carbamide and hydrogen peroxide are effective in passing through the enamel of the tooth and breaking down into oxygen radicals, which, in turn, separates the colored molecules within the enamel prisms. Joy Bright® uses a carbamide peroxide solution because it is a gentler and a more stable compound than hydrogen peroxide and serves to lengthen the oxidation process within the tooth. Because of this, carbamide peroxide promotes gradual and continued whitening after the initial treatment is finished and therefore, produces more even and longer-lasting results. Joy Bright® is a premium dental quality product with the convenience and affordability of at-home use. Our product uses the highest quality of professional dental carbamide peroxide gel of 22% . Unlike the competition that uses a glycerin-based product, Joy Bright® gel is water-based to greatly reduce tooth sensitivity. It’s a proven fact that dentists have known for years that tray-based whitening is fast, safe, and produces predictable results. Most patients see 2-5 shades of improvement in a matter of days using professional strength whitening systems. Did You Know, whitening your teeth no longer has to be painful, messy, time-consuming and expensive? The Joy Bright® Whitening System stands in a class of its own we offer the value and results in a fraction of the time of the current competition, all without the tooth and gum sensitivity normally associated with other whitening products. Our professional strength, water-based 22% carbamide peroxide gel will provide you with the fastest, most effective results in as little as 3 days. Joy Bright® formulation will have your teeth looking whiter and brighter within 15-30 minutes per day treatments for twelve (12) days. Use Joy Bright® revolutionary brush-on applicator pen with your existing trays and watch your smile grow brighter by the day, we know you’ll love your smile.

Ionic Silver

Ionic Silver® What might be the medical breakthrough of the century, ionic silver water has recently been found to have a number of health benefits. Silver is legendary for its ability to kill bacteria and other microbes and its use dates back to ancient Roman times. Individuals of this era would put silverware in their water in order to keep it disinfected. According to experts who have done further studies on the germ fighting power of silver, it is still the most effective defense against microbes. A growing phenomenon is taking place wherein ionic silver is emerging as the new antimicrobial wonder in dealing with bacterial and viral conditions, both in medicine and in industry. Ionic silver was actually a commonly-used antimicrobial 100 years ago, before the advent of modern antibiotics, which only address bacteria and are becoming largely obsolete while posing risks related to resistant super-germs. Ionic silver is increasingly being recognized for its broad-spectrum antimicrobial qualities and the fact that it presents virtually none of the side-effects related to antibiotics. Ionic silver is entirely non-toxic to the body. Research at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has shown that some resistant strains of disease cannot develop with ionic silver the way that they will with antibiotics. Reports of any pathogens developing resistance to ionic silver are rare. Some reports indicate it even kills drug-resistant strains of germs. Our Ionic Silver H2O® is also a powerful tissue-healing agent; it has been used topically to speed the healing process of burns, insect bites, acne, scratches and other skin wounds. The fact that ionic silver is effective against a very broad range of bacteria is well established and, due to recent advances in the delivery of Ionic silver, together with the problems associated with drug store antibiotics, it is being used in a rapidly growing range of dietary-supplement, medical, and industrial products. “To date, no pathogens have been able to survive contact with silver.” stated chief technical officer of Nexxion in a report published April 2006 by Chemical & Engineering News after applying ionic-silver coating to catheters, IV needles, and other medical devices. Samsung has introduced a clothes-washing machine that they claim kills 99% of bacteria in cold water by using ionic silver. Sharper Image has a line of slippers and pillows that have ionic silver incorporated into the fabric to prevent odor-causing bacteria. Containers for food storage are now being impregnated with ionic silver to prevent bacterial growth that contributes to spoilage. Water-treatment facilities that service hospitals use silver ions. And that is still just the tip of the iceberg. The list goes on and on. The Ionic Silver H2O® has more of an “antimicrobial” quality, rather than just an “antibacterial” quality. This is a very important distinction because many diseases that affect human beings today all involve “viral” pathogens, not bacteria. And the medical community truly has nothing that will reliably combat viral pathogens. While the push is to get “vaccinated,” there is enormous controversy as to the efficacy and safety of existing vaccines, let alone one that has yet to be developed, if ever. Nothing that exists today in our efforts to fight common modern-day viral conditions has been as successful, more than The Ionic Silver H2O as a preventative, viable solution. In Europe, ionic silver is recognized as an accepted treatment for viral conditions. Walk into a pharmacy in Europe and tell them you’ve been diagnosed with a cold or flu – which is viral in nature – and they will look in their desk reference and find a number of silver-ion compounds or complexes listed as remedies to sell you. We at EMA/Joy to Live are very excited about our Ionic Silver H2O® product. It is highly likely, that before long our Ionic Silver H2O® will emerge as the recognized solution for the vast majority of viral conditions.

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