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New Yiqi Beauty Whitening 2+1 Effective In 7 Days

Included In One Set 1) A- Day Cream 2) B- Pearl Cream 3) C- Night Cream 4) Cleanser 5) Sample Mask 6) Sample Sun Block A- Day Cream Essential component: Single stearic acid glycerine ester, lotus flower seed pod righteousness kernel, water fennel, Saussure involucrata essence, foreign small yellow chrysanthemum, vitamin ADE, aloe, enzyme and so on. Unique effect: Including the high protein ingredient, (Yoyumin) coordinates vitamin A, D, E, the moisturizer factor, the active regeneration element purification by the natural plant extract essence to become richly, has the good in-depth activation textile fiber body function, the enhancement cell membrane blocks, the decomposition and elimination ability to the melanin; This contains the sterilization element, the antibiotic have relax to the sensitive skin's stimulation, and to the skin inflamed, itches red, has the fast retrogression function sorely. The radiation protection, against exposes to the sun factor, UVA and UVB resistance harmful sunlight ultraviolet ray, is obtained the omnidirectional protection the flesh, causes a skin whiter and tenderer health. Application method: After every day clean surface, (in a big way takes this 1g approximately 5 grain of rice) punctual to wipe evenly on the face, suitable the flesh: Color spot, skin color uneven, yellow flesh. $120.00 per set

Aulia Cream Set

Toner, day cream and night cream in one set. $160.00 per set

Yiqi Beauty Whitening silver Cream Set

Hnub Yiqi !!!!!!!Coming Soon!!!!

Day Cream +Night Cream


ClearJoy® removes or reduces more contaminants than the leading water purification/filtration products, is safe for you and the environment, and gives your water a pure, delicious taste.

Inner Joy

What Inner Joy may do for you: Improve digestive function Help with side effects of antibiotic therapy Improve tolerance to lactose Enhance immune function Improve Urinary Health Reduce Allergies Improve Women’s Health Lower Obesity

Pure Green

Properties: Antioxidant Energy Weight Loss Fat Burner Cardiovascular Blood Sugar

Hnub Yiqi Cream Set

Day Cream + Night Cream 30g

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