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Vagina Tightening Gel

1. No side effect

2. Clean, nourish vagina cells

3. Anti-Bacteria &repair vagina

4. herbal&SGS FDA


Health Care Gel For Germ Cell Repair/Regeneration. Evenly distributed in the vaginal mucosa and cervix mouth, retarded release, continuous sterilization 24 hours! Polyunsaturated, its unique FlavonoidComposition, can repair female vagina, uterine mucosa, contraction of the

vagina. Moreover, the unique design can be comprehensive and rapid treatment of reproductive tract infections, without affecting the normal vaginal flora and Ph. It's the best natural personal healthy care medicine truly.


Saussurea, Scutellaria, Phellodendron, Sophora, Curcuma, Burnet,

Ginseng saponin


1) Anti-inflammation Type

2) Cervical erosion Type

3) Tightening Type

The main functions:

1)Vagina Tightening



4)Anti-Bacteria &repair vagina

Treats and prevents vaginal yeast problems.

Prebiotic stimulation of lactobacilli

Reliveves itch,irriation, odor and discharge

Prevents( recurring) Candida

Prebiotic effect supports a healthy vaginal flora

Counters harmful micro-organisms without rish of resistance

Optimizes vaginal PH

Bio-active,safe and natural

Using Methods (External Use)

Use before bedtime, wash hands clean and lie down to push out the cream:

push the gel into vaginal 9 cm deep gently, and then promote all the cream into the vagina.

At last, pull out

the push tubes after 5 to 8 minutes


1) 6 pieces for one treatment.

2) For the first treatment, 1 piece per day. After the second treatment,

1 piece every two days.

stop using during the menstrual period.


1) 1 tube in 1 aluminum foil bag

2)Customized labelling and packaging services available by negotiation


Pregnant, lactating and menstruating women.


1Sealed store in a cool and dry place.Avoid from direct sun light.


3Available by negotiation.

Shelf Life :24 months

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