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Weight Loss Products

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please call for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

Original Herbal Slimming Capsule

Slimming Capsule, Lose up to 30 lbs and keep it off! Fast Effect, natural-herbal slimming formula Zisu slimming Softgel is an herbal slimming product made from active extracts from perilla and mulberry for beauty-making and weight loss. It is produced in SFDA approved GMP factory. The product can reduce the compound and absorption of fat, dilute and burn the fat effectively, accelerate metabolism and delay skin caducity by antioxidant. It is nutritional and safe for weight loss. There is no diarrhea or rebounding. Only one pill a day and 30 days later you will see an amazing difference! Functions 1. Potent slimming product. 1 capsule equals 3 hour exercises. 2. Directional fatty oil and body fat reduction rather than internal water reduction 3. Weight loss and body shaping without shrinking breast 4. Natural and healthy weight loss, no diarrhea or side effects 5. It works in 7 days with 3-5kgs off Characteristics: Lose weight by natural herbals Safe and free of side effects No rebound, no diarrhea

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LIDAE DAIDAIHUA Slimming Capsule

Specifications choose the unique plant from the Yunnan Kingdom of green plants, which is well known to people. LIDAE DAIDAIHUA 100%original slimming capsule + Free Shipping [Product descriptions]: This product choose the unique plant from the Yunnan Kingdom of green plants,

which is well known to people. It is extracted with the modern technology. With the complex process of extracting the useful components from Dai Dai Hua and produced by the enterprise having

GMP standards of certificates awarded by the National Drug and Food Administration, the product is safe without dependence [Specification]: 350mg*6capsule*5pcs=30 capsuels [Usage and Dosage]: One grain each day, once a time.(taking before or after breakfast) [Applicable age]: Above 16 years ---below 65 years [Note]: Forbidden for pregnancy, heart and blood diseases and people who has apoplexy before. [Storage]: About 25°C,cool,dry and avoid sunlight [Productive date]:Printed on the outer package [Guarantee Period]: 24 months

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Hmoob Kafes Yuag

Slimming Coffee is made from traditional coffee mixed with hunger-oblivion grass and griffoia slimplicifolia natural plants extracts. It has robust coffee aroma and amazing weight loss effects. Preliminary studies on Hmoob Kafes Yuag have shown that it is a purely natrual, healthy and safe slimming beauty drink. Just take one bag daily, enjoy the great tasting coffee along the path of achieving your fitness goals! Ingredients: Hunger-oblivion grass, Griffonia simplicifolia, Immature bitter orange P.E. extracts, Lotus leaf, and Instant coffee.

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Abdominal Slender Body cream (fat free)

Abdominal Slender Body cream (fat free) 80g 1.Contain natural herbal ingredient 2.Aim at tighten abdomen & remove belly line 3.Speed up

fat metabolism Feature: We apply revolutionary formula to the product. Elov fattiness elimination substance containsseveral kinds of natural elements which decompress your body and balance adrenocortical mellow to decrease fat accumulation. The skin of magnolia and barrnwort will accelerate partialmicro-circulation. Decompose the fattiness.

The infiltration function enablemoisture and nutrient to enter skin.

The product can eliminate the furrow on sute and smoisturize the skin by the freented element which promotes dextrose. It will give you perfect effect. So as to achieve a magic effect of partial body slimming. It can effectively smoothen and remove the abdominal orange wrinkle, comb cellulite and slack weinkle. Usage: Cover your abdominal wrinkle with a hot towel every night for 5-10mins to make the pore open. Then apply the product onto that part. Massage for 10-25minutes and the wrinkles can be removed within 2 months.

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Dr. James 7 Days Slimming Gel (Hot) 250g

Dr. James 7 Days Slimming Gel (Hot) 250g Reduce cellulite of skin and burns fatty acid Firming, Smoother and more perfect body. Help to loose weight without strenuous exercise and without giving up favorite foods. Ingredients: Elepher Almondermine, Ivy, Marsh Mallow, Perfume, Aqua. Direction: Apply on affected area, massage for 5-10 minutes morning and evening.