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Yiqi Beauty Whitening 2+1 Effective In 7days

Yiqi Beauty Whitening Gold Cap Set

Yiqi beauty whitening 2+1 effective in 7days Gold Cap Set A-Red in white speckle eliminating day cream Ingredients: Arbutin, lanolin, Arnica, vitamin C, vitamin E and so on. Efficacy: Blocking the formation of melanin, gradually whitens the skin, dissolve stains, tightening the skin, skin elasticity, to get rid of acne, rosy and bright. B-Pearl Cream Ingredients: Aloe, hawthorn, natural pearl powder, pollen filter factor. C-Red in white speckle eliminating night cream Ingredients: Natural herbal extract solution (YOYUMN), with vitamins A, D, E, moisturizing factor, active regeneration factor. Efficacy: For white skin, prevent skin aging, effectively remove freckles, dark spots, acne scars, so that the skin to restore the original luster, rosy. Red in white facial cleanser Ingredients: White essence, BHA activating ingredient, Vitamin B5 and so on. Efficacy: complete removal of the skin surface dirt and grease, repair damaged skin cells, providing nutrients for the skin, kept moist, the skin can be rosy.

YiQi Whitening Glossing Active Eye

YiQi Whitening Glossing Active Eye Ingredients: Wheat gem oil, aloe original lotion, witch hazel extract lotion, collagen enzyme, horse chestnut extract Function: The product can calm down and soften skin, expel toxin from skin around eyes, promote blood circulation, improve swelling , under-eye and pouch, resume skin vitality and refresh skin, it can also moisturize and instantly firm up skin, noticeably eliminate eye fatigue, improve fatigue and dryness caused by long time stay-up and intenet browse, repair weak skin, leave skin around eyes bright and charming Instruction: After completely clean skin, softly apply appropriate amount of the product on skin around eyes

Yiqi Shrinking Lotion

Yiqi Shrinking Lotion 100g INGREDIENT: witening orange, vitamin a, beauty and whiteinging mixture etc. EFFECT: It can peel off the stubborm cutis slightly and softly, remove the yellow on you, make your skin white forever. Strengthen the cell the capability of absorbing and saving water. Make the skin moisturizing, smooth and elastic. USAGE: After cleaning your skin, moisten a proper quantity with cotton of makeup, spread it on the face or neck, you can also spray it on the face and neck. Pat the face and neck lightly to help absorb it.

Yiqi Sun Block

Yiqi Sun Block Vitamin B3, Natural mulberry essence, hyaluronic acid, whitening factor, replenish moisture to skin, relieve dry skin, the UV protective layer can resist sunshine and improve whitening skin, make skin tender and becomes lustrous, attractive.

New Yiqi Beauty Whitening 5th Generation Cream Set

1) Day Cream 2) Pearly Cream 3) Night Cream 4) Cleanser

5) Sample Sun Block 6) Sample Mask 7) Sample Set

Aulia Cream Set

1) Toner 2) Day Cream 3) Night Cream

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